About TickleCharge


TickleCharge is a complete payment gateway solution developed by TickleLife, Inc., an IT solutions and service provider. Easy to integrate, TickleCharge does not believe in penalizing high-risk businesses with steep transaction charges or hidden fees. We will tailor the solution to address your unique business challenges.

TickleCharge’s dynamic customer support team will make sure there’s a member available to understand your problem every single time. Our tech support will assist in integration and maintenance at no additional cost.

Worried about signing a long-term contract? Then don’t. We have easy monthly plans for our payment gateway solution allowing you to get started right away (after account approval from the acquiring bank).

Shakun and her company Tickle.Life, Inc. aims to keep all high-risk businesses unshackled from the constant fear of being de-platformed and facing unexpected business disruptions.