TickleCharge Affiliate Program

Refer & Get Paid For An Entire Year

Sign up for our Affiliate Partner Program and select a partnership tier. Bring us a customer and take $5 for every successful win. Plus TickleCharge will also share its transaction fee with you for the next 365 days!


Steps 1: Choose your partnership tier and sign up. Our affiliate support team member will reach out to you and you will also receive your own unique referral code.

Step 2: Once approved you can share/use your unique code in your network and start earning.

Step 3: Each successful referral will get you a one-time $5 reward. You also get 2 cents for every transaction made by your referred merchant for an entire year! *

*Cash out when your affiliate reward balance reaches $100. In a year, our partners can stack their discounts to max 6 cents/transaction and any extra discount benefit will be carried forward to next year.

Benefits of being a TickleCharge Affiliate Partner

Your customers also get:

Our Affiliate Partners include.


Frequently Asked Questions

TickleCharge is a first-of-kind payment gateway solution for the high-risk businesses. We stand behind our high-risk payment gateway and we know your network will love the competitive pricing. There is no cost to you and no obligation when you sign up as an affiliate, so why not join right now?

If you are an existing TC payment gateway user then you would automatically qualify as TC Platform Partner. Non-users will be classified as TC Reseller Partner.

No. If you are not an existing TickleCharge Payment gateway user, then we cannot put you in TC Platform Partner tier. Non-TickleCharge users will be categorized under Reseller Partner tier

We will be in touch with you within 3 business days of receiving your completed sign up form. Once we have generated your unique affiliate code, you can start referring immediately.

There is no restriction to who can be a TickleCharge Affiliate partner. You could be:

  • Developers building websites for their customers and want to have a ready-to-work payment solutions.
  • Media Buyers
  • Anyone who has a good network of business owners in the high-risk sector
  • People who spend a lot of time on the relevant forums or social media and want to put useful and relevant links to the users

We follow 45-day business day billing cycle.

Join the TickleCharge Affiliate Partner Program

Extend the finest payment experience to your customers and grow your business as a TickleCharge affiliate.