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Meet TickleCharge – a payment solution created to process high-risk transactions

With TickleCharge, high-risk businesses can securely accept payments in over 20 currencies including crypto, at a very competitive transaction rate. Additional services, such as fraud detection and prevention, dispute resolution are also included as part of the pay-as-you-go model.

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TickleLife Launches TickleCharge, a Payment Solution for High-Risk Businesses

When it comes to payment solutions, businesses within the "high-risk" industry are offered very high transaction rates and there's this constant uncertainty of being de-platformed. Many traditional banks shy away from even providing accounts to such businesses.

What Are High-Risk Businesses And Why Payment Gateways Don’t Work With Them, TickleCharge CEO Explains

“What happens is a lot of time, a lot of merchants, or even some categories, they start getting a lot of chargebacks. So what a chargeback means is dispute from their customers. And this is very interesting.

‘Why not me?’: How these three women shattered taboos to foray into the sexual wellness industry

TickleLife’s first initiative as a podcasting and community marketing platform for the adult wellness sector

Tickle.Life Debuts 'Censorship-Free' Payment Gateway

According to the company, Tickle Charge is available to anyone in the sexual wellness industry, including sex educators, sex therapists, coaches and entrepreneurs.

TickleLife Launches TickleCharge Payment Gateway

TickleCharge will cater to anyone from the sexual well-being and sextech industry, whether they are a sex educator, doctor, sex therapist, coach or a sextech entrepreneur.